Airfield Heavy Duty Pavement Runway & Taxiway Maintenance Work

Company Name: Unites States Air Force
Location: Dover Air Force Base (DAFB), Dover, Delaware

Type of Work: Milling and Paving
Delivery Method: Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC)
Amount: Varies

George & Lynch has provided construction services at Dover Air Force Base located in Dover, Delaware in excess of 20 years.

Currently, we are the prime contractor at DAFB for installation and repair of runways, aprons, taxiways, and parking areas. This work includes demolition, roto-milling, excavation, GABC, hot mix paving, concrete work, crack and joint sealing, striping, storm drains and inlets, demolition of concrete slabs, and foundation work.

The work is always of a time critical nature requiring closely controlled project management including scheduling of personnel, equipment and materials, quality control and budget control.