Dover Sun Park

Company Name: SunPower Corporation
Location: Dover, Delaware

Type of Work: Sitework
Delivery Method: General Contract
Total Amount: Private


G&L was selected by SunPower Corporation to provide all sitework aspects of The Dover Sun Park.  As the largest operational solar project in the Northeast, the Dover Sun Park will serve as a model of local green-collar economic development and provide a catalyst for creating and maintaining future solar jobs in Delaware.

The Dover SUN park has been constructed on 103 acres of the 389 acres Garrison Oak technology park owned by Dover.

The project began construction in the Fall of 2010.This 10 Megawatt solar power plant includes 34,000 solar panels (supplied and install by the prime contractor) and began producing power on August 17, 2011.

Dover’s Solar Future: The City of Dover’s Community scale 10MW solar photovoltaic power plant, the Dover SUN Park, has been scaled and located to provide the right fit for Delaware’s needs.  The Dover SUN Park connects directly into the Dover electrical distribution system, eliminating the need for costly transmission upgrades.

The park is located near the heart of the City, representing a smart growth initiativefor Delaware.

The SUN Park co-exists next to numerous additional land uses at the Garrison Farm, including agriculture, community and educational activities.


The SUN Park’s overall 30 week construction phase created an average 42 jobs per week and a total of approximately 57,000 man hours worked, including not only G&L on-site workers, but also our Dover maintenance facility; office staff; and our material storage yard.  Due to G&L’s close proximity to the jobsite, we were able to provide the necessary workers and equipment, whenever needed on a 24/7 basis to maintain schedule which was a critical aspect of the project.


G&L used recycled materials for all roadway, parking and storage areas, including recycled asphalt millings and recycled crushed concrete.  All materials came from the G&L materials yard in Dover, Delaware insuring that there would be no interuption in project schedule due to potential delays caused by material deliveries.

This entire project is one of innovation, including the 16 foundations to support the SunPower Trackers which position the high-efficiency SunPower E20 solar panels to face the sun diring the day increasing energy capture by up to 25% over fixed-tilt solar technology.  G&L provided foundation systems for the trackers, the invertors that convert solar energy to electricty that is sent to the substation, where foundations and sitework were also provided by G&L


The project began construction in the Fall of 2010 on a very tight schedule to install a new construction entrance, access road and storage area prior to the onset of winter.  G&L staffed and equipped the project to insure that the schedule was met.  Our work included:

  • Installation of a construction entrance
  • Erosion and Sediment Control measures
  • Drainage systems
  • Stripping topsoil for the roadways and delivery storage yard
  • Supply, laydown and compaction of recycled asphalt millings and geotextile for the entrance road
  • Stripping topsoil for the solar array roadways throughout the site
  • Supply, laydown and compaction of recycled asphalt millings and installation of geotextile for the solar array access roads
  • Capping the entrance road, storage yard and solar array roadways with recycled crushed concrete.
  • Installation of 16 solar array motor foundations.
  • Installation and construction of the substation foundations.
  • Installation of the Inverter foundations for the solar arrays
  • Unloading and stockpiling the solar array structures and mounts.

Major quantities include:

  • 7,750 CY Strip Topsoil
  • 30,000 SY Geotextile for roads and storage area
  • 17,000 Tons Base course
  • 400 C Y Reinforced Concrete