Millville Sewer Expansion

Company Name: Millville Group
Location: Millville, Delaware

Type of Work: Sewer Construction
Delivery Method: General Contract
Amount: Private / Multi-Million Dollar

The Millville Expansion of the Bethany Beach Sanitary Sewer District Beaver Dam Regional Pump Station PS #293 and Beaver Dam Road Regional Force Mains and Substation Road Sewer project is a Sussex County project financed by the Millville Group to service several new subdivisions including Dove Barrington, Fairway Village, and The Millville by the Sea project.

The project is broken down into four phases including the regional pump station, the force main, a 30 inch gravity sewer, and an 18 inch gravity sewer.  The force main consists of 9,500 lf of 14″ pipe to an existing pump station.  There is also 12,500 lf of 24″ force main from the Beaver Dam Regional Pump Station that ties into the South Coastal Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The 30 inch and 18 inch gravity sewer projects consist of  4,300 lf of 30 inch sewer pipe, 2,700 lf of 18 inch sewer pipe, and 35 manholes constructed at depths of up to 21 feet and tying into the Beaver Dam Regional Pump Station.  Both the 18 and 30 inch sewer pipe required well pointing, by G&L, for the entire length of the project.  The pump station project consists of a concrete cast in place deep wet well with three foot thick walls and an attached valve vault at a depth of 38 feet below grade.  The valve vault holds the mechanical piping which is mostly 20 inch diameter ductile iron piping including the valves.  The pump station also has a control building with an electronics room for the state of the art electronics and a maintenance room for performing any necessary maintenance on the three 185 horsepower Flygt pumps.  In order to pour the concrete a steel cofferdam measuring 60×60 feet had to be installed for shoring.

This project shows the true expertise and diversity that G&L offers.  G&L crews constructed all utilities, concrete, mechanical work, site grading, sheet piling, site grading and road construction.