NRG Ash Management Program

Company Name: NRG
Location: Millsboro, Delaware

Type of Work: Landfill Operations
Delivery Method: Unit Price Contract
Amount: Varies

George & Lynch manages the landfill contract at the NRG Energy Indian River Power Plant (formerly owned by Delmarva Power & Light) in Millsboro, DE.

Unlike our municipal landfill operations, this contract calls for the land filling of coal combustion products (CCP) or more commonly known as ASH.

ASH is essentially the same material left behind in the old coal burning stove in the house or barn.  Instead of using a dustpan & brush to clean out the stove, we employ the use of heavy equipment such as bull dozers, vibratory rollers,10 wheel dump trucks and a water trucks for dust control.

When the power plant runs at full capacity, it has the potential to produce over 180,000 tons of ash annually. G&L, on behalf of our customer, NRG, is continually seeking opportunities for beneficial re-use of the ASH.  George & Lynch has worked with ash on such projects as the Hardscrabble Landfill, a land fill near Seaford, Delaware and the Smyrna, the Delaware Prison Expansion Project.