George and Lynch, Inc. is the premier rotomilling contractor in the area. The company owned the first milling machine in the State of Delaware and regularly upgrades equipment with the latest models. We complement the milling operations with seasoned crews, water trucks, sweeper trucks, and a fleet of dump trucks.

Rotomilling projects can be as small as a pipe trench (leaving material in place for future excavation) to an airport runway (where multiple machines may operate simultaneously). The machines can also be used for selective concrete demolition and excavation of soils. We provide “custom milling” services for several regional  contractors, as well as support our own projects. Both milling machines and sweeper trucks are available for rent (operated). Milling machine rental include a spotter to guide the operator and control trucks.

George & Lynch Milling Services include;

  • Asphalt Profiling
  • Multiple Width Drums 2’ thru 7’
  • Asphalt Taper Milling
  • “Turnkey” Packages for Paving
  • Road Widening
  • DOT Entrance Specialists
  • Excavating with Milling Unit
  • Full Support Staff

For more information, please contact:
Todd Yetter
Office:   302-736-3031
Direct: 302-363-1442
FAX: 302-734-9743