Underground Utilities

With up to ten pipe crews, George & Lynch, Inc. installs more underground utilities on an annual basis than anyone else on the Delmarva Peninsula. Systems include under drain, storm sewer, underground storm water detention, sanitary sewer, potable water distribution, irrigation system, leachate collection, and landfill gas. We also perform trenching and conduit installation for other utilities like electric, telephone, and CATV.

All supervisors are OSHA certified and trained in the latest safety procedures for trenching and traffic maintenance. George and Lynch, Inc. crews are qualified to install reinforce concrete, corrugated metal, corrugated polyethylene, smooth-lined polyethylene, PVC, ductile iron, copper, and high density polyethylene pipes and fittings. We have licensed well drillers on staff to obtain permits for and monitor dewatering operations.

The company owns a variety of sizes of types of equipment types to fit your project. Excavator classes range from 3,000 lb minis to 100,000 lb machines for deep sewer installation. The company keeps an inventory of pumps and wellpoints for high water table applications. We also calibrate pipe lasers and certified trench boxes.

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Mike Megonigal
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The following recent and current projects are examples of the wide variety of underground utilities services provided by the experienced George & Lynch team. Simply click on any of the projects for more details.

  • Kent County Sewer System Upgrades | Kent County, Delaware